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The Information Source for Electrical Contractors
Welcome to EC Online, the Internet's leading source of business and technical information for electrical contractors. If you are involved in electrical and voice/data system installation, components purchasing, estimating, maintenance, or consulting, you now have instant access to a comprehensive web site that delivers the latest information on a wide variety of pertinent topics such as the National Electrical Code, electrical safety and maintenance, and installer tips. Whether you're looking for the latest products on the market, discussions of the National Electrical Code, how-to stories, RFPs, or competitive business information about other companies in the industry, you will find it at EC Online.

The EC Online database is structured to serve the needs of electrical contractors, installers, purchasing agents, and support personnel who are involved in the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical and voice/data systems, including such elements as motors, electrical components, circuit protection devices, datacom wiring, electrical cabling and conduit, power conditioning units, arc discharge lamps, lighting controls and ballast, GFCI outlets, electrical enclosures, lightning arresters, surge protectors, circuit breakers, electrical fuses, transducers, current transformers, electrical plugs, electrical outlets, electrical receptacles, ground-fault monitors, hubs, routers, and switches.

Reflecting the dynamic and interactive character of the Internet, EC Online is the most accurate and convenient source of technical, product and news information available for this fast-paced industry.

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