News | August 9, 2018

A-1 Electric Discusses Common Summer Electrical Issues

With the summer reaching its peak, A-1 Electric, the premier experts in electrical inspection in Montgomery County, want to shed light on electrical issues that frequently appear during the summer months and beyond.

One of the most common culprits of electrical issues is summer storms, which cause outages by stimulating electrical surges. As lightning storms give off electricity, the electrical circuits in one's residence can overload, resulting in a blown fuse. Electrical surges can damage appliances and machines as well.

Electrical surges can be caused by operating too many appliances at the same time on the same circuit, regardless of whether there is a storm or not. In the summer, many households operate large numbers of appliances all at once, and it is a common sight to see the air conditioners, ceiling fans, dishwashers, stovetops and ovens all operating simultaneously. This often causes power overloads in electrical panels, which, in turn, can bring about tripped circuit breakers, electrical outages, and fluctuations in the lights.

Furthermore, A-1 Electric points out that the loosening or deterioration of aluminum wiring is also a routine summer issue. Aluminum wiring issues arise more often when the air conditioning unit in a home or office is frequently powered on and off. This can cause the wires to become overheated, which can lead to very serious situations and ultimately bring about house fires.

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SOURCE: A-1 Electric