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Dicsan Technology Access Control System Company In Miami, Florida

Miami, FL (PRWEB) - Dicsan Technology, an Access Control company in South Florida, announces its latest partnership with Millennium Group, a company that specializes in engineered and pre-engineered electronic access control solution products and systems.

Security needs in Miami are ever changing. All organizations, whether big or small, have assets and employees that require protection from security threats, such as theft and vandalism. When it comes to securing your business, it is essential to understand the unique security threats that are affecting your organization.

It’s common for businesses and buildings to still be using the traditional lock and key system. Truth is, keys and locks have served their purpose throughout the years, provide a high level of security. However, times have changed and companies have become vulnerable against theft and robbery. Keys end up lost, stolen, or easily being copied, doors might be left open leaving businesses or property owners the inconvenience and expense of changing locks and re-issuing keys to not create additional security risks. Keep reading to find out how access control systems in Miami can help you protect your premises and employees.

Miami Access Control Systems 
Access control systems Miami are one of the most important security systems currently being used to manage access to a resource, typically a door or series of doors, within a company’s office, building or specific rooms within a building that require a higher level of security than the rest. By installing a door access control system, you will be able to control access to your premises and keep unwanted or unauthorized guests out. One of the greatest benefit that a Miami access control system will offer is the peace of mind you’ll have knowing you have total control of keys. Access control credentials, such as key card and key fob access control, cannot be duplicated. In the event that an access card or fob is lost or stolen, an access control system allows you to easily remove access by deactivating the credentials, saving you and your business time and money by preventing losses.

Deciding which type of Miami access control system to use is no easy task. Access control systems are available in a variety of sizes and for different applications. There are three (3) common factors that users may use for authentication (depending on the system): 

  • Provide information that is known (such as a password or pin)
  • Provide a physical credential they have (a proximity cards or key fob)
  • Provide something they are (such as a fingerprint, hand geometry, retinal or iris scans, handwriting, and voice analysis or other biometric method)

When users provide the correct identification and authentication, their designated permissions, rights, and privileges are then granted. Also, you will need to take into account the level of security and ease of access. It is not uncommon for a site to implement several different types of Miami access control solutions across areas of differing levels of security. Common types of access control system components may include:

  • Access Control Access Cards

Replacing the traditional key and lock, an access card (also known as proximity card, prox card or access control cards) is often thought of as an electronic "key" or key card. These access cards are used to wirelessly unlock and gain access through doors secured by an access control system. Approximately the same size as a standard credit, each access card is uniquely encoded, and can easily be carried in a wallet or purse.

  • Access Control Card Readers

An access control reader is an important component of access control systems. Access control readers are the devices used to electronically "read" an access card. Access control card readers are available in different types including: the "insertion" type (which require insertion of the card into the reader), the “swipe” type (which required swiping of a card through the reader), or the "proximity" type (which only require that the card be held in a 3" to 6" proximity of the reader. Access control card readers are usually mounted on the exterior (non-secured) side of the door that they control.

  • Access Control Keypads

Keypad access control are devices which may be used in addition to or in place of access control card readers. Keypad access control introduces the convenience and flexibility of pin code credentials. The access control keypad has numeric keys which look similar to the keys on a touch-tone telephone. Access control keypads requires that the person, desiring to gain access, enter a correct numeric code.

  • Access Control Hardware

Electronic access control hardware are equipment that are used to electrically lock and unlock each door that is controlled by the access control Miami system. There is a wide variety of different electric lock types. These types include: electric locks, electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, push-buttons, power supplies, and key switches. These electronic access control hardware help reduce your security risks. However, to comply with building and fire codes, these electric lock hardware must never restricts the ability to freely exit at any time.

  • Access Control Field Panels

Access control panels, also known as boards or controllers, are installed in each building where access control is to be provided. An access control controller is said to be the main backbone of a Miami access control system because this electronic device controls of the whole system. It identifies users and control entry to or exit from protected areas. When an access control credential is presented, the access control panel will compare the input to the information stored on its database to determine whether access should be allowed to the user at that door and within that time and day. An access control system controller is not visible to most people because they’re typically installed at the IT room, electrical, telephone or communications closet because all access control card readers, electric lock hardware, access control motion sensor and other access control devices are all wired to the access control panels.

  • Access Control Server Computer

Every Miami access control system needs a server computer. The access control server computer is where all the permissions are stored in a database. This server computer is known to be the "brain" of an access control system because it makes the decision as whether a door should unlock or remain lock by matching the presented credential to the credentials authorized for this user. The access control server computer serves as the central database and file manager for the access control system; and is responsible for recording system activity, and distributing information to and from the access control system controller.

These different types of access control system components, available locally in Miami, FL, will allow you to easily find the right balance between safety and convenience for all users. Learn how to choose the right access control system by scheduling a consultation from Dicsan Technology. Together, we will evaluate the level of security your site needs and consider the type of authorization and lock component best suited for the specific needs of your property.


With over 10 years of experience servicing Miami and surrounding South Florida areas, Dicsan Technology knows the importance of the phrase “security is key” and understands how important choosing the right access control system in Miami is. That’s why they work hard to provide the best access control solutions to their customers, making their property’s security systems effective and more secured. Dicsan Technology offers installation, repair, and upgrade services of all types of access control systems throughout Miami and South Florida.

If you have determined that an access control system will be beneficial to your organization, contact the experts at Dicsan Technology. Their fully trained technicians will design and install the access control system that will fit the security requirements of your property, ensuring you that your assets and staff are fully secure at all times. Ready for an access control system consultation? Contact Dicsan Technology by phone or through their website.

About Dicsan Technology:

Dicsan Technology is State Licensed and Insured in the State of Florida and is a Certified Low Voltage Electrical Contractor with over 10 years of experience. They provide a variety of services to clients throughout South Florida. Their core services include: Security Camera Systems, Access Control Systems, Managed IT Services, and Voice over IP Phone Services. They provide new installations, upgrades, maintenance, and total system renovations while staying within your budget. Contact them to speak with a representative and learn how they can help you. Dicsan Technology is locally-owned and operated company in Miami, Florida. For more information, visit Follow Dicsan Technology on Facebook and Twitter Stay connected with Dicsan Technology at for the latest security solutions and insight.


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