News | June 30, 2014

Formitize Unveils New Electrical Contractors App To Enhance Workflow

Formitize announces the release of Electrical Contractors App – designed to increase productivity in electrical contractors businesses across the globe.

The makers of Formitize – a solution app for business automation and operational efficiencies – has released the impressive Electrical Contractors App. This contractors software is designed to increase efficiency and improve productivity as it promotes enterprise mobility in electrical contractors businesses worldwide.

This app for electricians helps businesses to be earth-friendly by going paperless. The volume of paper and electricity used to generate invoices, for instance, bring down an alarming 10% of trees worldwide and can cater to the electric consumption of around 20 million homes. Using paperless forms such as work orders, maintenance reports, risk assessments, and invoices will help protect trees and save electricity.

The app for electrical contractors customizes paperless forms and integrates into them over twenty tools to fit the requirements of electrical contractors companies across the globe.

Merits of Using Electrical Contractor App
Electrical Contractors App allows electricians to do their work quickly and easily with digital forms. They can get things done faster and more accurately than what normally would have been slow and difficult if done by paper. The electricians app is capable of efficiently marking, editing, notating, highlighting, selecting, and sending paperless forms or individual pages. This app for electrical contractors directs document management efficiently and refines the focus of the workflow.

The app for electricians allows a supervisor to assign and manage projects and tasks, lending understanding of their condition. This electricians app also lets electricians accomplish a paperless checklist and generate accurate compliant reports immediately. The electricians app uses paperless forms that complement the management requirement of an organization’s enterprise mobility needs and boosts their mobile workforce yield.

Top 3 features that make Electrical Contractors App ideal for businesses:

  1. Generate Compliant Reports - Finish the paperless checklist in the field and yield precise, compliant reports.
  2. Fully Integrated Features - Produce paperless reports for various conditions with real time tracking, camera integration, voice recording, and GPS positioning fully integrated.
  3. Assign Tasks to Mobile Workforce - Management Portal enables managers to forward particular tasks with mobile forms filled in advance to save time even when in the field.

An Electrical Contracting Company’s IT Manager in Sydney, Australia says, “The real-time reporting and workflow checks are outstanding. The time saved is great and the improvement to our processes has had a huge impact on the company. To be able to report on any single element of the information in any form is fantastic. The Job Dispatcher, Resource Centre, and Management Portal are great for storing and tracking everything. Can’t speak highly enough of this.”

Formitize paperless solutions are driving business automation and operational efficiencies across more than eighty industries worldwide. The app for electricians enables users to access paperless forms using any Apple, Android, and Microsoft Windows smartphones and tablets.

Source: Formitize