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GeoStabilzation International® And Casimir Systemics Sign Teaming Agreement To Extract Stored Solar Energy

Grand Junction, CO. and Newburyport, MA /PRNewswire/ - GeoStabilization International® GSI, a leading geohazard mitigation firm and Casimir Systemics, developers of Insitu Conversion of Stranded Anachronistic Bio-Carbon (ICSABC) technology, join forces to access and extract energy previously considered "stranded energy resources" that reside deep within the earth.

Casimir Systemics Vice President and Chief Science Officer, J. Joseph Cohen, said, "Our 21st century process functions to keep environmentally unclean bio-carbons (coal) and their harmful impurities in the ground. Our breakthrough technology permits us to remove the energy in the form of synthetic gas, or SunGas™, which is then piped to the surface to generate low-cost, reliable electric power - all without an industrial footprint. GSI provides the expertise to install our technology at depths and in environments otherwise too difficult to utilize."

According to Colby Barrett, GeoStabilization CEO, "Our passion is to develop and install innovative solutions that protect people and infrastructure from the dangers of geohazards.  We specialize in emergency landslide repairsrockfall mitigation, and grouting using design/build and design/build/warranty contracting. The skills we bring to this team are a natural extension of the engineering and innovation developed at GSI."

Technology for clean extraction of energy
Biocarbon deposits that cannot be economically or technologically recovered are considered "stranded". Casimir's technology does not require the massive infrastructure associated with conventional power plants and is less intrusive than a solar farm or even a single windmill. The foot print for Casimir's process is extremely small and can be sited in an urban environment, underwater, or underground. If sited above ground, the infrastructure would be a small two-story structure of under 1,000m2 (10,000 ft2) per floor.

Using a minimally invasive process, Casimir Systemics' ICSABC patent pending technology harvests the stranded energy resource economically and is environmentally sustainable. This process leaves the earth in pristine condition with no discernible environmental impact.

About GeoStabilization International
GeoStabilization is an international design-build-warranty contractor specializing in geohazard repair. GSI develops and installs solutions that are customized to the varying demands and site constraints of each geohazard encountered. Every project undertaken is completed with one goal in mind: always provide the best value.

Headquartered at 4475 E. 74th Ave., Suite 100, Commerce City, CO 80022 Phone: 855-579-0536

About Casimir Systemics, LLC
Casimir Systemics Inc. a SARC Global subsidiary, is an RDE (research/development/engineering) company that has developed a means to extract energy from stranded bio-carbon, convert that energy to electricity and do so at a LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity) superior to modern large scale powerplant, and all "sustainable" power generation processes. ICSABC maintains an environmentally neutral impact, while making electricity ubiquitously available to all.

Headquartered at 18 Graf Road, Suite 12/13, Newburyport, MA 01950. Phone: 978-992-3162.

SOURCE: Casimir Systemics

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