Company Profile | August 24, 1999

Hamar Laser

Source: Hamar Laser Instruments
Hamar Laser Since 1967, Hamar Laser Instruments has focused our laser technology on alignment requirements for manufacturing equipment and how to perform alignments quickly, easily and precisely.

Hamar Laser Instruments manufactures and sells better measurement systems, not just measuring equipment. These systems include the hardware, the software, and the specific procedures necessary to overcome common errors in measurement. Because Hamar Laser products are designed from practical experience, we remove the guesswork for you while ensuring that the equipment is rugged, dependable and easy to use.

Hamar Laser alignment systems are fast and extremely accurate. Problem diagnosis is simplified, and a machine can be accurately measured and aligned in a fraction of the time it took to use older alignment methods. Shop personnel can be trained in hours, either in your shop on your machines or in our training center in Michigan.