White Paper

Leading Supplier Of Power Supply Units Streamlines Business Processes With IFS Applications

Eltek is one of the world's leading electronic equipment manufacturers, supplying telecom power solutions to large multinational and regional builders of telecom infrastructure. The product lines range from small power-supply units integrated into the solutions of other telecom equipment suppliers, to complex, turnkey energy systems supplying power to large telephone exchanges—all satisfying the particular and demanding requirements of sensitive telecommunications equipment. Eltek has subsidiaries and closely associated companies in 27 countries with more than 500 employees.

By implementing IFS Applications, Eltek has obtained faster access to accurate data throughout its subsidiaries, resulting in enhanced efficiency in its manufacturing, distribution and engineering processes, critical areas for a company that owns the entire supply chain for its product offering, from research and development to manufacturing and sales.

The Challenge
Eltek was faced with two challenges. There was a need to update some of its business applications to meet the challenges of the approaching turn of the millennium. Magnar Myrvold, applications manager at Eltek, explains, "We started by looking at our financials software in 1998 and then realized that we wanted to integrate all our business applications, at our Norwegian sites and worldwide."

Expansion was the second challenge. Eltek has grown rapidly in recent years, adding new subsidiaries in the U.K. and the U.S.A. with revenue increasing fourfold since 1996. To cope with this growth, a single, integrated system was essential.

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