Made2Manage Link - Enterprise Integration

Source: Made2Manage Systems, Inc.

Made2Manage Enterprise Integration (M2M Link) services enable you to automate electronic communications between your Made2Manage Enterprise Business System and other business systems such as trading exchanges and Extensible Markup Language Web services


  • Operations can be entirely interactive or totally unattended.
  • Exceptions within inbound transactions can be resolved in the native user interface.
  • Records are logged when a set of transactions is processed and the number of successes and failures.
  • Transaction-specific logs illustrate each time a specific transaction is sent.
  • Processing options can be configured differently for each trading partner.


  • Better serve your customers: Accept documents in virtually any format and avoid EDI translation costs. You can communicate using XML or flat files, saving your customers money and differentiating you from the competition.
  • Single point of contact: We host and manage the technology including the mapping of your communications.
  • Avoid obsolescence: M2M Link uses the latest Microsoft .NET technology to manage any type of data protocol required now and in the future.

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