News | April 15, 2024

MYTILINEOS Signs 2nd CCGT Project In Poland

  • 560MW net electrical power CCGT project to enhance Poland’s energy security
  • 2nd energy project with long time partner SIEMENS ENERGY
  • PAK CCGT will be situated in Turek
  • Natural gas continues to serve as a bridge fuel towards energy transition

MYTILINEOS Energy & Metals (MYTILINEOS) in Consortium with Siemens Energy Global GmbH & Co. KG and Siemens Energy sp. z o.o. (SIEMENS ENERGY), has undertaken the construction of a 560 MW CCGT power unit with associated infrastructure at the Adamów Power Plant in the area of Turek in Poland.

Specifically, the Consortium has signed an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract with ZE PAK's subsidiary PAK CCGT Sp z o.o. to construct an efficient power plant in combined cycle technology (CCGT) of 560 MW net electric power, consisting of one gas turbine and one condensing steam turbine, using a closed, wet mechanical draft cooling tower arrangement and construction of a gas installation in the Power Plant area with accompanying infrastructure.

This is the second energy project for MYTILINEOS in Poland, as the Company has already signed an EPC contract and currently constructing a 560 MW CCGT in Grudziadz, again in consortium with SIEMENS ENERGY.

The PAK CCGT project is expected to be completed in Q2 2027, and for its development, Polish and international contracting companies and suppliers will be engaged. At its construction peak, 700 workers and supervisors are expected to be involved in the site.

The contract price for MYTILINEOS amounts to 250 million EUR. Total investment exceeds the value of 2,3 bn PLN (EUR 500 million).

CCGT projects are becoming essential throughout Europe, for their crucial role in energy efficiency and security. Additionally, as gas is expected to long term remain as a transitional fuel, it acts supplementary to the country’s energy mix, alongside renewables. MYTILINEOS holds a strong, long and successful track record of construction of thermal projects in Europe, Asia and Africa and it is considered worldwide as a top developer.