News | January 3, 2020

Now Accepting Applications For NECA 2020 Recognition Of Safety Achievement Program

Each year, NECA formally recognizes electrical contractors that adopt safety and health-related work practices, as a core value, within their organization. Having the results that demonstrate this commitment to safety is instrumental. NECA is now accepting applications for the 2020 Recognition of Safety Achievement Program, an annual program that provides elite safety recognition, and invites member companies to participate.

The NECA Recognition of Safety Achievement Program includes two entry categories, Safety Excellence and Zero Injury. Recognition is given to electrical contractors that demonstrate their commitment to safety by consistently showing lower than industry average OSHA recordable injury and fatality rates and to those that have implemented internal safety practices that go above and beyond that of basic compliance.

Program applicants are automatically entered into both recognition of safety achievement categories:

  • Safety Excellence

The specific metrics used for selection includes: Recordable Incident Rate, DART Rate, Lost Work Day Case Rate, OSHA Severity Rate, and Experience Modification Rate. Each participating member organization is scored and ranked. Awards are issued to member organizations that have demonstrated superior performance and a commitment to safety that exceeds the national averages in their NECA District and Work Hours category

  • Zero Injury

Members that do not have any recordable OSHA cases within the reporting year will be eligible for the Recognition of Zero Injury.

Applicants must submit their information through the online application (linked below) to successfully apply for NECA Recognition of Safety Achievement programs. It is the responsibility of each participating organization to ensure that all data is correctly submitted by the March 1, 2020 deadline. Organizations with incorrectly submitted data or those not provided by the established deadline, will not be eligible.

Start Your Application Now (

Note: All 2020 applicants must register for access to the online application website, user's accounts from any previous year have been removed and will need re-register.

2020 recognitions are based on the 2019 calendar year and use objective criteria available from your OSHA 300 report and worker’s compensation insurance provider. Additional data collected on the online application is used for informational and benchmarking purposes. However, all requested information must be provided through the online application in order to complete the application process.

Download the 2020 Program Guidelines (

Source: The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)