News | September 28, 2023

Nuvila Electric Expands Headquarters For Streamlined Operations Under One Roof

Nuvila Electric, a Texas-based electrical contractor founded by Mario R. Nunez, is announcing the grand opening of an expanded facility to better serve customer and company needs. The company's property acquisition is designed to house new offices and a warehouse to ensure more efficient customer service and streamlined company operations.

Nuvila Electric specializes in electrical services for the Hospitality, Retail, Educational, and Healthcare industries. The team of 4 Engineers, 2 Master Electricians, 5 Journeyman Electricians and 30 Apprentice Electricians will now enjoy improved on-site access to tools and equipment.

The contractor looks to keep all mission-critical services in-house for a smoother workflow, like that created with its in-house engineering team. The real estate acquisition will allow the company the added flexibility of keeping all needed resources within close proximity to help avoid business inefficiencies.

The increasing demand for electrical services in commercial and industrial sectors is considered a primary factor fueling growth in the field of electrical contracting. Aging infrastructure in need of consistent electrical upgrades and repairs provides contractors with ample opportunities to expand services.

"A successful project is determined by proper planning, execution, and a happy customer. We are proud to say we finish projects safely, on time, under budget and with outstanding quality of work," affirms Mario R. Nunez, Nuvila Electric President.

The range of services that will be featured under one roof will include:

Commercial Generator Services: These services are designed to keep businesses with uninterrupted power, to make outages a problem of the past.

Commercial Electrical Services: These services help with lighting installations, electrical system design, and a variety of electrical needs for expanding enterprises.

Industrial Electrical Services: These services were created to manage complex electrical systems, machinery maintenance, and cutting-edge technical installations to keep the industrial sector running smoothly.

Nuvila Electric's ability to elevate its Houston base runs parallel to the rise of Texas on the national scale. The Lone Star state is considered a powerful player in electrical services, with an estimated 16,332 electrical contractors who contribute a yearly revenue of around $19.5B. Predictions indicate an 8% increase in annual employment, surpassing the national growth rate across all professions, and Nuvila considers itself a part of this success story.

The over $50M that Nuvila Electric has contributed to state revenue totals, has led the company in its current direction. The company expects a bright future delivering successful projects within budget and timelines, and its new headquarters will be an added amenity for services.

Nuvila Electric LLC seeks to be an archetype of excellence within this landscape, proving how a comprehensive in-house solution, housed under one roof, can be cost efficient and yield remarkable results.

Source: Nuvila Electric LLC