PoweRide RTD

Source: Uninterruptible Power Products, Inc.
PoweRide RTD
Again, UPPI offers a first in power protection
Uninterruptible Power Products, Inc.oweRide RTD (Ride Thru Device) is a product designed specifically for the correction of sags and phase loss. By incorporating equally rated dual input primaries, the RTD has a choice of providing clean, regulated conditioned power from either primary. By wiring these to a three-phase service panel with multiple energy sources available, the RTD will automatically switch the protected load to an active phase on the loss of either one (wye connected) or two (delta-connected) phases.

The product is designed to connect to a three-phase input and supply a single-phase output. The unit will work at either 50 or 60 Hz, and can be manufactured to match any worldwide voltage combination.

The product also provides all of the power conditioning benefits of a power line conditioner by actively eliminating voltage spikes, sags down to 33%, brownouts, and other anomalies. The result is that as long as one of the connected primaries is energized the ride through effect is indefinite. Other competing models have ride through specs of 6-12 cycles based on internal stored energy. They are wired to one of the phases and should that phase fail once they expend their stored energy the load drops. This process also requires complicated sense and control circuitry, large capacitors, and in some cases batteries - all of which can decrease MTBF. The PoweRide has no electronics, no solid state components, and no batteries. It is the most reliable of any technologies in its field.

No operator setup is required, once installed operation is totally automatic and there is no maintenance required. The unit can be installed either at the device to be protected or at the service panel powering the device. Input and output connections are hardwired. Follow the appropriate wiring practices to insure proper operation.

The PoweRide is a patented product available exclusively from UPPI or our authorized distributors.

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