News | October 28, 2008

Prime Solution Introduces Its New Surge Protective Device In The Chinese Market


SEOUL, South Korea, (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Prime Solution Co., Ltd, a manufacturer of solutions for lightening and power quality in South Korea, announced that they have finished the development of new 'SurgeBox(TM)H,K,J,C,P series' and will launch them in China and other Asia-Pacific markets.

In addition, Prime Solution established a branch in Dalian, China in order to promote their new products in the Chinese market. Also, Prime Solution began supplying their products to Japanese market and major Korean companies such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics.

Also, called as TVSS in North America Surge Protective Device protects various equipments and IT systems from sudden power overload coming from power line, signal/Data line, and Earthling system.

SurgeBox(TM) from Prime Solution features a double fusing thermal runway protection with Surge rating Over Current Fusing System and Surge rating Thermal Cutoff Fusing System. It runs in the temperature -40C ~70C, and maximum altitude of 5,000m and provides excellent safety and durability.

SurgeBox(TM) removes power surge Box disturbances from electrical distribution systems by using low impedance shunt path to ground. Surges and electrical line noise are absorbed by SurgeBox to prevent the noise from traveling through distribution system wires to sensitive electronics loads.

SurgeBox(TM) can withstand repetitive induced lightning surges (1.2/50I 1/4s 20kV, 8/20I 1/4s 10kA) on the AC power line. It has met IEEE standard C62.41 category C3. Also, SurgeBox(TM) is conformed to CE safety EN 61643-1 according to the standard of IEC 61642-1.

SurgeBox(TM) H series provide wide range of surge capacity from 40kA up to 320kA. Its AC power circuits are designed for installation at main service entrance, distribution panels and subpanels.

SurgeBox(TM) H series can be applied to 3 phase 220~240V (phase-to-neutral voltage), 4wire+Ground of TN-S, TT, and IT systems.

SurgeBox(TM) K series feature 10-mode protection, maximum Surge capacity of 200kV~320kV, and provide protection for large power application in full-mode. And SurgeBox(TM) J series and C series feature Intelligent function auxiliary, maximum surge capacity of 40kA to 160kA and therefore medium/small power application. SurgeBox(TM) P-series feature maximum surge capacity of 32kA to 80kA for light power application.

Jong Soon Park, CEO of PrimeSolution, said, "SurgeBox(TM) has passed all the technical standards from various countries around the world such as CE and IEEE standards. With this proven quality of the product, we will begin a global promotion of our products beginning in China, Vietnam, Singapore, and other countries."

About PrimeSolution Co.,Ltd.

PrimeSolution is a specialized manufacturer of Lightning Protection, Power Quality, and Grounding System. PrimeSolution serves as standards for the industry and its products and technologies built a strong brand position in the surge protection marketplace, earning ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. PrimeSolution's main items are approved of CE marking according to European standard. For more information, please visit or

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