News | November 3, 1999

Siemens Partners with General Service Administration in Adaptable Workplace Laboratory

The General Service Administration (GSA) is working with Siemens to install a power management system, which includes lighting control and a power monitoring system, in an Adaptable Workplace Laboratory. The lab's use centers on the need of the GSA to evaluate a variety of office technologies designed to decrease worker turnover, improve productivity, and reduce energy usage. The GSA will consider

• lighting
• temperature control
• office furniture
• other office accouterments

with the thought of revolutionizing the typical work place environment. The knowledge gained from the lab could lead to increased requests in renovating office electrical systems.

For more information, contact Steve Morgan (770) 751-2477 or Mike Ruggeri (770) 751-2255 of Siemens Energy & Automation.