Product Showcase

  1. Universal Zone Control - Model UZC
    The Universal Zone Control panel features Auto changeover between the heating mode and the cooling mode
  2. Weatherproof Cover
    The TradeMaster While-In-Use Weatherproof Cover is mountable in either a horizontal or vertical position, and the watershed channel keeps water outside the cover...
  3. Carlon Adjustable Residential Floor Box
    The Carlon Adjustable Residential Floor Box provides the customer with a clean, attractive duplex outlet, and is specifically designed for residential applications
  4. Outside Air Timing System - Model OATS
    The Outside Air Timing System is designed to provide automatic ventilation by a predetermined program on the 24 hour time clock
  5. Carlon 2RWDDK Dual Device Yoke Kit
    The Carlon 2RWDDK Dual Device Yoke Kit eliminates the need for electrical faceplates and pre-punched covers
  6. Dimmers and Fan Speed Controls
    TradeMaster dimmers and fan speed controls offer quick and easy installation with their screw pressure plate back wire system
  7. PAOB Control Dampers Opposed Blade Style Only
    This series of control damper is designed for commercial applications where low leakage and durable construction is required
  8. Cove Molding Surface Raceway
    Carlon's line of nonmetallic surface raceways includes Single and Multi Channel Cove Moldings for installation along floors and ceilings
  9. Carflex Liquidtight Flexible Nonmetallic Conduit
    The Carflex Liquidtight Line of nonmetallic, non-conducting conduits and fittings provides superior wire protection in harsh, damp and corrosive environments
  10. PaperSuite Version 1.0
    This innovative web-based service provides paper mill schedulers with direct and immediate access