Product Showcase

  1. Made2Manage Customer Relationship Management
    Made2Manage Customer Relationship Management (M2M CRM) applications provide you with the tools you need to put the customer first
  2. Made2Manage Supply Chain Management
    Made2Manage Supply Chain Management (M2M SCM) software applications synchronize the demand for your product with your production capabilities so you can optimize resource usage and maximize overall operational throughput.
  3. Made2Manage Enterprise Resource Planning

    The reliable, flexible and easy-to-use Made2Manage Enterprise Resource Planning (M2M ERP) back-office platform captures your data in one centralized system. By integrating your production processes into one database, M2M ERP software can execute all facets of your operations.

  4. PoweRide RTD
    Again, UPPI offers a first in power protection
  5. Electrical Safety Products Catalog
    This 11-page catalog features a number of products, ranging
  6. Foam Faceliner Cover Goggle
    The foam faceliner frame is an option available with many
  7. Work Spectacles
    The unitary lens of the Apollo Spectacle provides a wide,
  8. Chemical Resistant Cover Goggle
    A standard goggle lens can become damaged by contact with
  9. Heat Reflective Faceshield
    The HR-Series Heat Reflective Faceshield is an efficient
  10. Faceshield
    The Economy Faceshield offers a low price for everyday shop, industrial and laboratory eye and face protection.