Product Showcase

  1. Electrical Hazards Faceshield
    The ArcShield is used for low level electrical hazards.
  2. Junior Cover Goggles
    These goggles offer a smaller frame for smaller faces,
  3. Type 450C snap-in capacitor
    Type 450C is a significantly better value than comparable 105 °C snap-in capacitors.
  4. Type 550C, Inverter Grade, Screw Terminal, Capacitor
    Type 550C, Inverter Grade, Screw Terminal, Capacitor Goes Seven Years at 65 °C with 45 amps
  5. PowerRide Ride thru Device
    The PoweRide RTD (Ride Thru Device) is a product designed specifically for the correction of sags and phase loss. By incorporating equally rated dual input primaries, the RTD has a choice of providing clean, regulated and conditioned power from two sources. When wired to a three-phase service panel with multiple energy sources available, the RTD will automatically supply the connected load from an active phase on the loss of either one (wye connected) or two (delta-connected) phases.
  6. RC4000 Reel Control
    Our proven non-contact sensing method provides
  7. PC1000 Proxagard®
    A capacitive, presence sensing device designed for machine guarding and personnel
  8. PC200 Touch Switch
    A capacitive switching device designed to initiate control operations
  9. Radley Barcode Data Collection for QAD
    More than ever, companies implementing Mfg/Pro are recognizing that Automatic Data Collection, including Bar Coding and Radio Frequency networks, is essential
  10. Metallic Locator
    The Dual Frequency Metallic Locator features two active frequencies and is designed for local field conditions to achieve performance and speed locating of metallic conductor, buried or in-wall...