Product Showcase

  1. Create-A-Kit
    Jensen’s exclusive “Create-A-Kit” process allows you to customize a tool kit specifically designed to fit your needs.
  2. Jensen Tools Launches New Telecom Website
    Jensen Tools, leading supplier to the communications and electronics service industries worldwide, has just launched Jensen Telecom Online, a new niche catalog specifically targeted toward telecom professionals.
  3. Monthly Permission E-mail Newsletter
    Jensen Tools, leading supplier to the worldwide electronics and telecommunications service industries since 1954, recently launched the premier edition of TooLink, a free monthly permission e-mail newsletter.
  4. 5kV - 46kV Covered Condutor - Spacer Cable Systems
    Covered Conductors Consist Of Stranded Hard Drawn Aluminum Conductors With Either One, Two Or Three Layers Depending On Voltage Rating
  5. Insulator 25kV Poly Pin Type - Vise Top
    Insulator 25kV Pin Type - Vice Top Proprietary Molded Gray HDPE.
  6. Insulator 15kV Poly Pin Type - Tie Top
    Hendrix 15kV Tie-Top Insulator, Proprietary Molded Gray HDPE.
  7. Spacer 15kV Ring Tie Less (Patent Pending)
    Spacer 15kV Proprietary, Gray, Track Resistant HDPE.
  8. Wildlife Guard
    BG-9 Wildlife Guard is installed on the bushings of transformers and other power equipment
  9. 69kV Transmission Spacer Cable Systems
    Ideal For Utility & Industrial Projects, Spacer Cable Systems Are The Intelligent, Lowest Total Cost, Highest Reliability Solution
  10. 15kV-35kV Underground Distribution Cable
    Hendrix / Kerite Underground Distribution Cable is unsurpassed in quality and reliability